Majorities in Singapore’ downtown are small and young families

According to Edmund Tie, a city planner, for the first time, over half of Singapore's Downtown inhabitants are in their early to mid-20s.S
Small families and individuals are also famous in the Downtown Core planning area, with the latter category making about 40% of the population.

It's probable that fewer families live in the neighbourhood because of a shortage of elementary and secondary schools, according to Lam Chern Woon, Edmund Tie's Head of Research and Consulting.

HDB upgraders and foreigners are more likely to purchase houses in the Downtown area than in other desirable districts, according to statistics on ownership.

According to Edmund Tie, "the smaller sizes of downtown HDB homes may be a factor in luring HDB upgraders."
Lam remarked that the Downtown's proximity to a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural attractions means that residents spend less time in their houses.

When it comes to international purchases, Edmund Tie points to familiarity with prominent destinations like Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the neighbouring area as a contributing factor.

Most property buys may be for financial purposes, but Lam saw an increasing trend of owners purchasing Downtown buildings for their personal use.

According to Edmund Tie, the property manager, many of the buyers might be young professionals searching for a convenient location near work.

Retirees wishing to downsize from their bigger homes might be another prospective buying category, especially for complexes with convenient access to healthcare facilities and other amenities.

According to a report, American and Chinese purchasers make up the majority of international buyers in Singapore's Downtown. There were also buyers from Indonesia and Malaysia.